A year ago the knot untied             Free to live our separate lives

Mixed messages daily                  Our souls still yearn                       Embers and ashes smolder and burn

No malice no hatred no ill will Though it still is a bitter pill  Memories create a tapestry        Of the life once shared by you and me.

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Flower Moon

A view from the end of the Cabrillo Beach pier.  The sea shimmering in the light of the May full moon.  

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To B From Mom

I know that you are 29 years old, and need to spread your wings and fly away from this port town we call home.

I know you haven’t lived with me for a while now, but it doesn’t make my heart ache less. My heart walks outside of my body wherever you roam. 

I know the changes in our family these last two and a half years have been difficult for you, and I can’t seem to help your pain go away. 

I know I have to be strong when I hug you tomorrow and send you on your way, but I will still cry, as will you. 

I know that you are my first born. You are my pride and my frustration, my joy and my pain, my angel of light and of darkness. You are my comfort and my irritation, my babe, my little boy, now a grown man.

I know I had to let go of another kind of love two and a half years ago, and I know you have to make peace with that as well. 

I know I love you fiercely and will always be on your side – my love is unconditional. 

I know that there is a whole world for you to explore, and a whole self that you need to create. 

Good luck and Godspeed, my son.  Know that I love you and that the road home will always be tattooed on your heart.  

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Women’s March On Los Angeles

This is what Democracy looks like…

The March meant different things to all who attended. I was part of the March. I didn’t go to protest against the outcome of the election or President Trump. I actually wasn’t “against” anything. I went to show my support – I am pro-equality, pro-diversity , pro-love and pro-peace. To me, the March was neither a riot nor a protest, it was simply a way for people to come together and peacefully congregate to support their individual cause. It was an exercise in Democracy and our right as Americans.

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The Sea Is My Bliss

A gray and misty morning

Sky and horizon become one

Walking along the shore 

Solitary as an oyster 

The deep groan of a bouy

The muted crashing of the waves

A child of the water

At the sea I am alone 

But never lonely

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Finally Becoming Me

Today is my last day in Nepal. I am not eloquent enough to find the words to match my feelings.

I will miss many things about this magical place. I will miss the chaos of the city, the beauty of the scenery,the depth of the culture. But the thing I will miss the most are the warm and welcoming people.

My life perception has been changed by the children in both the school and the orphanage I was privileged enough to serve. Friendships have been made and sealed by fun and laughter.

I reconciled past mistakes, patched up a scab that still hasn’t healed, and proved to myself that I really am strong and capable.

The world has become smaller and my mind has become broader because of this amazing experience. NAMASTE!









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I have life…

I have shelter…

I have health…

I have a grateful heart.


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