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’tis the season of the witch

‘This the season of the witch, Triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother, Crone. The Maiden, virginal and full of promise. Mother, nurturing and loving. Crone, experienced and wise. I was the Maiden, trusting and open to life. I was the Mother, my … Continue reading

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Do You Remember?

People tell me I should look ahead, close the book on the past, forget what used to be and focus on what’s next. But I need to remember your face, your smile, your smell. I want to remember and remember … Continue reading

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My Joy

When you left, you took my joy. No longer is the garden beautiful and lush, it lies dry and fallow. No longer does wine comfort and sooth, it tastes  bitter and astringent. No longer is the moon soft and gentle, … Continue reading

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