Finally Becoming Me

Today is my last day in Nepal. I am not eloquent enough to find the words to match my feelings.

I will miss many things about this magical place. I will miss the chaos of the city, the beauty of the scenery,the depth of the culture. But the thing I will miss the most are the warm and welcoming people.

My life perception has been changed by the children in both the school and the orphanage I was privileged enough to serve. Friendships have been made and sealed by fun and laughter.

I reconciled past mistakes, patched up a scab that still hasn’t healed, and proved to myself that I really am strong and capable.

The world has become smaller and my mind has become broader because of this amazing experience. NAMASTE!










About desertmoon62

I love being a globe trekker. I have started later in life, but am enjoying the journey. I see beauty in the mundane and the sublime. Sometimes, views and vistas evoke feelings in me that I am not eloquent enough to describe, so I let a photo do the talking. I hope some of my photos touch you in the same way.
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  1. I’ve been trying to catch up with people who I haven’t seen blogs from in awhile – and there you are! Off to Nepal.

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